Our History
Our history is one that has been written for movies time and time again.  We knew each other before and came back to the same place after of journey of many years.
Meet Rufus, 
everyones best friend ~
We drove off to Reno like a couple of twenty year olds and were married at the Chapel of the Bells, August 8, 2009
"Steve doesn't just grow a garden, he builds it."
                     ~Sharon Voss
 vPig Roast Wedding Reception ~ Sept 2009
vSkipping rocks contest at Reynvaan Bar 
v Honeysuckle,  my father's favorite flower of childhood   ~Sharon
 October 2010 ~ The kids tree house ~ those lucky kids!!
vOur home is a building that used to be the train depot and post office for Copalis Crossing back in the late 1800’s. Years ago, while a match stick came to mind to most for this old structure, a vision of home came to mind for Steve Voss. A detached garage came with the house; Steve adds a woodshed, a chicken coop and a small barn.  Also, the tree house which is located on a large stump that looks out over the 6,000 square foot garden that is guarded by a privacy fence to the street and a four-rail fence to the yard.  In these beginning years, there have been numerous ongoing projects to lift it back up, this piece of ground and all that it holds is now a friend-stopping show case.
vSteve had unfortunately experienced an array of disappointments and losses while first being here.  But still, he continued the projects, the gardens, the raising of his children along with Rufus the dog.  The months prior to the summer of 2007 had been a time of mending; all likely storms seem to have passed.  I found him here that summer, after many years of wonder.  Its certain, the solid choices to come and be home each day, to make life as it was more meaningful, has contributed to his ability to make amazing self progress. 
vHe has taken his deep heart vulnerability and had returned to the man that he wants to be, the man I had hoped he would always could have been.  Steve is strong, honorable, respected, and highly skilled.  He’s a beautiful man with natural instincts for the land and for the people around him. His heart I wish to be forever mine and call home.  ~Sharon Voss
After using a portable Alaskan saw mill to cut slabs of old growth cedar found laying on the property, Steve then cuts the slabs into meausred lengths to create railing and decking materials.
Steve's "diamond in the rough" 
Rainy days roof replacement ~  January 2013